Hydra Care Lipstick

Hydra Care Lipstick cares for your lips in three ways! The Hydra Care Lipstick combines two nourishing formulas in one! The two outer stripes of the lipstick contain an Indian plant extract and a special peptide made of jojoba oil with pomegranate blossom extract. This combination of ingredients makes the lips soft and smooth with a fuller appearance.

When applied to the lips, the sheer lipstick colour blends with the transparent middle stripe, which is made of hydrating hyaluronic acid and glucomannan.

This moisturising lipstick gives the lips a beautiful natural finish and prevents them from drying out, which is particularly useful in the winter months. For natural-looking lips that are easy to fall in love with!

The most important ingredients and their effects:

  • Indian plant extract (swertia chiarata) and jojoba oil make the lips feel soft and smooth.
  • Pomegranate blossom extract regenerates mature, dry skin and leaves it silky-smooth
  • Hyaluronic acid hydrates the lips and acts as a filler
  • Glucomannan supplies moisture for natural-looking lips
Colour: 2 Charming Oasis