Vita Liberata - Beauty Blur Medium - 30ml

Vita Liberata Beauty Blur is a 4-in-1 skin tone optimizer in a light brown colour that optimises your skin care. It is with the same well-known and not least successful technology as Body Blur, just for the face.

It can be used as a primer during makeup, or it can be used as a coloured moisturiser, as it has a light opaque effect on bumps, blemishes and redness.

The light-reflecting ingredients give a "high definition" finish, and make the skin look radiant. Vita Liberata Beauty Blur contains Aloe Vera, which is rich in vitamins E and C, and which has a firming and moisturizing effect on the skin. In addition, it is with Shea Butter, which has a emollient and retains moisture in the skin. This product gives the most beautiful radiance and glow, and will quickly become an indispensable product for you.


- 4-in-1 skin tone optimiser
- Can be used as a primer
- Can be used as a coloured moisturiser
- Covers bumps, blemishes and redness easily
- Has a firming and moisturising effect
- Softens and retains moisture
- For light to medium skin tone
Gives a beautiful and flawless finish and glow
- Organic
- Odourless
- Paraben free
- Non-alcoholic
- Environmentally friendly packaging


- Shake thoroughly before use
- Apply the product all over the face and neck
- The amount should be about the size of a pea approx.
- Use it alone or with a foundation for extra coverage